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Sabi sets up shop at Nehru Park

We closely relate to the Japanese concept of shinrin yoku and spend whatever time we get out in nature. Most Sundays we go out for long walks.

After the Global Shapers event, Sabi was confident and determined to sell her Snug Monsters in the park. She spend the next 3 weeks mass-producing 60 Snug Monsters.

Putting in the work

Come Sunday, she was ready. We helped her make a poster, took her table, and set up a make-shift stall in the park. She was both determined and nervous.

Nervous on the first day of the store

Her first lead stopped by and said, “Hi, what’s your name?” Sabi froze and immediately blanked out. He asked what are you selling? She did not reply. He moved on.

After a few attempts, she got the hang of it and started conversing with people. During these conversations, she realized the easiest way to stop people from walking or jogging was to ask them, “Do you read books?” and if they would say no, she would ask, “Do you have friends who read books?”

Eventually, on day 1, she sold product worth ₹750.


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