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Bullies are envious of other people’s good work

Published Apr 17, 2021
Updated Aug 03, 2021

There are employees who are insecure about themselves and their work and are envious of the work of their colleagues. They are constantly comparing and cannot stand the success of their co-workers. They crave attention from supervisors and colleagues alike. They are not willing to learn the skills that will help them produce similarly excellent work. They do not want to put effort into improving themselves and becoming a more productive employee.

However, they are more than willing to bully their co-workers and make them doubt their own competence and eventually, under-perform. This drop in quality of work handed in will make the supervisors unhappy and the bullies will be successful in spoiling the reputation of their talented colleagues who they were so jealous of. Once the performance levels of their colleagues drop, the bullies will continue to bully the targets and rattle them. This is the only way that the supervisors will notice their work and give them the attention they are craving.