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Building brand that your customers love

Published Feb 07, 2021
Updated Apr 01, 2022

About the speaker: Nazish Mir is cofounder of LAIQA, a premium brand of biodegradable sanitary napkins that focuses on both women and the environment. A passionate entrepreneur with a great sense of compassion and driven by her single minded focus on promoting feminine hygiene and well-being. Nazish Mir’s proficient communication skills and sense of compassion gives her an earnest ability to engage with people at an individual level and is the secret of her success as the head of Customer Relations at LAIQA.

What will you learn: In this podcast you’ll learn about

  • Key aspects to consider while building the brand
  • Challenges that one typically face while reaching out to right target audience
  • Platforms to use for customer outreach
  • Role of social media in reaching out to right target audience
  • How to develop a unique brand and strategize in terms of scalability of the product
  • How to retain customers and take negative feedback critically